About Us

Güdersan Group, with its vast experience and reputation, is a leading
producer and supplier of high-quality leather to markets worldwide.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Güdersan Group has its production plants in two different cities of Turkey: one tannery located in Menemen- Izmir Leather Free Zone occupying a total area of 14000 m², for doubleface production, and the other tannery for nappa production with a total area
of 16000 m² located in Uşak.

Doubleface production capacity is currently 120000 skins a month, and nappa production capacity is 150000 skins a month.

Güdersan Group expects excellence at every stage of production. Technical superiority and high standards of quality combined with the board scope of its manufacturing and finishing capabilities have given the company an eminent position in the market.

A comprehensive knowledge of customers' needs and expectations, flexible and fast order fulfilment and prompt and on-time delivery, and higher quality are our most outstanding competitive strengths.

Monitoring the very latest lifestyle and fashion trends and translating into production, Güdersan Group has a broad and innovative product line of leather with specialty colours and finishes.


    2015 Autumn&Wınter Season Colection is ready. We invite to our showrom all the customers.